Dining Opportunities

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Monday Dining

First year students dine together, informally on a Monday evening during the first two terms. This provides a great opportunity to give your kitchen a break and enjoy some hot food, free of any washing up obligations!

Monday dining is also packed full of information about upcoming events you can get involved in and the latest opportunities within the JCR and College.


Locomotion Dinners

Locomotion Dinners (informal formals) take place frequently during the year and are a two-course dining opportunity. Locomotion Dinners are themed events, and start with “The Three Minute Speaker” and end with the option of follow up conversation with the speaker in Platform 3.  Invited speakers will share a problem or challenge related to their area of specialism. These dinners take place in Platform 2, hosting students, staff and guests. These dinners will be a great chance for you to enjoy Central in its decorated glory, and to join us afterwards for entertainment!

Dress Code: Smart-Casual  |  Occurrence: 15 Throughout the Year


Formal Dinners

Our Formal Dinners are a wonderful opportunity to enjoy a structured and sophisticated dining experience. These dinners are fully the ‘Harry Potter Experience’ at Durham, but without the gowns this time! These dinners allow you to dress up to the nines, join us for a drinks reception before and celebrate in style. The JCR will organise pre and post dinner entertainments as well! These dinners will truly be second to none!

Dress Code: Formal  |  Occurrence: 4 Throughout the Year


Our balls are some of the biggest events in Stevo and happen twice a year! They are one of a kind events where students can enjoy a sophisticated and magnificent dining experience in an external venue. Usually starting with pre-dinner drinks, to a fantastic three-course meal, to post-dinner entertainments, they are truly nights to not miss. If you would like to get involved in organising the ball or have any ideas, then talk to our Ball Chair, Erin!

Dress Code: Black Tie |  Occurrence: 2 Throughout the Year