Our Executive Committee is made up of 10 people, both current and recently graduated Stephenson College JCR members, who ensure the smooth running of the JCR and enhance the student experience within the College. The vast majority of the Executive Committee, with the exception of the Sabbatical Officers are made up of students who are volunteers. The Sabbatical Officers are usually recently graduated JCR members who have been elected into their roles for a year as a full time and paid position.

You can get in touch with any of the JCR Officers using their email address which can be found on the JCR Directory or in the University Directory.


Joshua Crawshaw - President

The President oversees the JCR on a day-to-day basis. The President is responsible for ensuring the effective functioning of the executive and non-executive committees, meaning that they have a role in everything from events to welfare to charities. Furthermore, the President, represents the students of the Junior Common Room on a collegiate level and a wider University level.

klara brown - vice president

The Vice-President’s role focuses mainly on the development of Stephenson’s students. This means that Klara organises our Wider World talks and skills sessions to ensure that every Stevo student is getting the most out of their time here. Additionally to this, Klara is the chair of the Non-Executive committee and will step into any position that remains unfilled in the Exec or Non-Exec.


amaar lone - chair

The Chair of the JCR is responsible for ensuring the fair and democratic running of the Junior Common Room. As Chair, Amaar must remain impartial and sits on all committees as a non-voting member. Amaar runs the JCR meetings and chairs Steering Committee - which examines all the motions that are submitted for a JCR meeting. Finally, Amaar oversees all the JCR committees to ensures they are run efficiently.


Mariam Ibrahim - Societies Officer

Mariam is our Societies Officer, meaning that she is responsible for handling and managing the effective running of all our societies, and ratifying new teams and societies. If you have any questions about joining an existing society or creating a new one, send them Mariam’s way!


Mae lonsdale - Societies Officer

Mae is our sports Officer, meaning that she is responsible for handling and managing the effective running of all our sports teams. This includes allocating sports teams to training slots, sorting our sports and societies stash, and organising our College varsities. If you have any sports questions, send them Mae’s way!


lisa twomey - welfare officer

As our JCR Welfare Officer, Lisa has overall responsibility of JCR Welfare including promoting health and wellbeing, running campaigns and providing peer to peer support. Lisa is supported by two Assistant Welfare Officers. While separate to our College Staff welfare, the JCR Welfare Team can provide help and advice on the best place to go if you need support.


melisa yilmaz - international officer

Melisa is our International Officer and takes a lead to ensure that Stephenson remains an inclusive community for all of our students. This includes leading on our International Nights as well as being the Chair of the International Committee. If you would like to be part of the International Committee, get in touch with Melisa!


jeffrey bryant - events director

Jeffrey is responsible for the provision of events during the year! The Events Director works with their Assistant, Rolake, to make sure that we are putting on varied and inclusive events for everyone. They are also the Chair of the Events Committee!


sooyoung hahn - media and promotions officer

Sooyoung is this year's Media and Promotions Officer. Sooyoung has responsibility for Stevo JCR’s advertisements and works as our lead on all of our social media communications. She is your go to for any information you want to circulate to the JCR and works to make sure that all our outgoing material is top notch!


erin higginson - ball chair

As the JCR Ball Chair this year, Erin leads on the planning some of our largest events, the winter and summer balls! While being the Chair of Ball Committee, Erin is so excited to develop a team who can help organise the balls with her, which includes making decorations and pickling themes!