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Freshers’ Week

Who can I talk to for support during Induction week?

  • Moving away from home and starting University can feel quite daunting, but that’s perfectly normal! Our goal of Induction week as JCR reps is to make your transition from living at home to moving into University as smooth and fun as possible. Every evening we will be organising sessions called Kit Kat Chit Chat, where you can just come to relax with some of our reps (and get free kit kats!). If you need a chat, our JCR welfare team and the rest of the exec, non-exec, and rep team will be available. College student support and welfare is available as well. The College student support team also have drop in sessions throughout the year.

Do I have to drink during Induction week?

  • There will be several events where alcohol is available, but you do not have to drink to have a good time. There is a range of events each night to suit different tastes.

What do I do if I don’t feel like I’ve made close friends by the end of Induction week?

  • It is absolutely normal for you to still feel unsettled by the end of Induction week. Remember that you are in a completely new environment, with people you most likely have never met before, and that it will inevitably take some time for you to form friendships - so don’t worry! Joining a sports team or society after Freshers’ week is a good way to meet more people and make friends.

What do I wear to matriculation?

  • Students should dress smartly, as you may be denied entrance into the Cathedral if you are not dressed smartly (i.e suits, dresses, skirts). You are required to wear a college tie or a college scarf - if you sign up to be a JCR member, these are free; if not, then you will be charged 12.50 pounds. Also remember that Durham is hilly, so you may want to wear flats instead of heels!

Will I get college parents?

  • Yes, you will! More information to come. :)

Living in College

What do I have to bring?

  • For a comprehensive list on what to bring, check this link. If you’re an international student arriving, don’t worry - our JCR Reps will organise trips upon your arrival week to shop for anything you may need for your dorms.

Is there an easy way to get from Stevo to my lectures?

  • Most students will walk to lectures. Stevo is also located next to a Park and Ride Service (PR2) which stops at the science site and Elvet Riverside.

Is Stevo self-catered?

  • Yes, it is. Every Monday during Michaelmas and Epiphany terms, you will get the opportunity to dine informally in College, as well as having regular Locomotion Dinners “Informal Formals” and Formal Dinners.

Where is the best place to get groceries from?

  • There is a large tescos right in the middle of town, plus other smaller supermarkets on North Road. However, you can also get it delivered from Tescos, Asda etc, but there is a £40 minimum - so cooperating with a friend will tackle that issue.

Where do I do my washing?

  • There is a washing room in the Howlands building - the college will provide you with circuit cards for the washing, through which you will be able to register your card online. Each washing (including using the drying machine) is 3.50 pounds.

What’s the WiFi like?

  • The wifi is fast and accessible from any building of the university campus. The university will provide you with instructions on how to access the wifi.

Where can I register at a doctors/dentist?

  • You will have received a package during the summer regarding University GP registrations. If you are not able to complete it, you will be able to register for a GP upon your arrival in Durham. However, if you feel ill while you are in Durham, NHS 111 is always available and often times will book you quick appointments!

Do I have to move out over holidays?

  • No, you don’t need to worry about moving out during holidays - only on summer holidays.

Will I be able to watch TV in my dorm?

  • Yes, but you will have to get a TV license. However, we have to projecting screens in our cafe bar where we often play BT sports, iTV, and other channels!

Is Durham safe at night?

  • Durham is generally safe, especially if you walk on streets where the night lights are lit, however, never leave a Stevo ranger behind - it is always best to buddy up or walk with a group of people when you’re coming back to Stevo from a night out! 

Will there be formals?

  • Yes, at Stephenson we offer a range of dining opportunities that differ in dress codes and formality. Visit dining opportunities to see the list!



What if I can’t attend a tutorial/seminar/compulsory class?

  • If you become ill or have an emergency situation, you can fill out a self-absence certificate and submit it to the college.

What do I do if I don’t like my course?

  • If you don’t like your course, talk to your academic advisor, department staff, or college student support; they will guide you on what your different options are.