JCR Meetings 19/20

JCR is a democratic body in which the members vote on issues that impact our community.
Students are elected in to positions to represent the views of the student community- these happen in our JCR meetings.

JCR meetings are when we come together as a JCR to discuss important arising issues, elect the Executive and Non-Executive officials, and ensure the elect officials are running the JCR effectively and review motions.


Motions are formal recommendations and suggestions put out by members of the JCR on improving our student body. Proposed motions are then discussed in JCR meetings, to which members then are able to vote for or against. If the majority votes for the proposed motion, then it becomes ratified and applied to JCR standing orders.

If you would like to submit a motion please contact the JCR Chair on Stephenson.jcr-chair@durham.ac.uk. The full terms of the substantive motion are to be placed on the agenda paper together with the names of one proposer and one seconder. Such motions shall be submitted to the JCR Chair in writing at least 4 days before a JCR meeting unless it is a procedural motion. Further information can be found here.


JCR Meeting Dates

OCTOBER 17TH, 2019
OCTOBER 24RD, 2019

October 6th, 2019

Apologies & Fining

Attending JCR meetings is compulsory for first year students who live in college. If you are not able to attend, an apology with the reason for your absence must be submitted to the Chair with the reason of your absence at least two hours before the meeting. Should you not submit an apology and not attend a JCR meeting, you will be fined £5.