JCR Membership

What is a JCR Membership?

The Junior Common Room (JCR) is the Undergraduate student body and the Middle Common Room (MCR) is the Postgraduate student body within the College. Common Rooms are run by elected students who form the Executive Committee together with the elected Non-Executive officers and their committees. They are run by students for students to enhance your experience at University and to ensure there is a calendar of events, sports, societies, student welfare and other opportunities to get involved.

To join the JCR, click the following link, where you will be directed to a sign-up page for a JCR membership and Gym Membership (optional).

Benefits as a JCR member

  • Running for Office: Running for elections is only possible for JCR members. In addition, deciding who runs your JCR in the future is a process in which JCR members can vote, however, non-JCR members are not eligible to vote in these elections.

  • Sports and Societies: Any sport or society that has joining fees or ‘subs’ will be charged at double the rate for a non-JCR member.

  • Committees: To attend committees, and therefore benefit from them on a personal development level, you must be a JCR member. This also means that you will not be able to hold a position in any committee.

  • College Tie / College Pashmina: A college tie or college pashmina is included within the JCR Levy, otherwise you will be invoiced a cost of £12.50 for the tie or £17 for the scarf.

  • College Events: As a non-member of the JCR you are still entitled to attend events that we host, however, due to not having paid the JCR levy these events have a price difference, some of which are outlined below:

    • Winter and Summer Balls: The prices for the Winter and Summer Balls are heavily discounted for JCR members each year and priority for tickets at these events is reserved for JCR members.

    • ReFreshers: Priority is given to those who are JCR members for most events in ReFreshers’ Week. Additionally, the price for non-JCR members for such events is normally double that of a JCR member.

Fee for 19/20 Incoming Students

Being a JCR member has numerous benefits that are not available for non-JCR members. The Levy is a one off payment to become a member of the JCR/MCR. Membership allows you to run for positions, vote in elections and participate in committees, ensuring you have the opportunity to contribute to and shape the student community. Members also receive a discounted rate for JCR/MCR events and activities including sports and society ‘subs’ and tickets to the Winter and Summer Balls.  The Levy also includes a College tie or scarf. To become a member of Stephenson College JCR, there is a fee to be paid.

In mid-September, you will receive a link to a College charges page, where you can confirm your membership of the JCR/ MCR. If you do choose not to become a JCR member through this process, you can sign up at any time at the JCR office.

Membership Fees:

Length of your degree: £150
One year (For Postgraduates and Erasmus students): £60