Our Non-Executive Committee is made up of eight elected volunteers who are current Stephenson College JCR members. They assist with the running of the JCR and ensure the highest student experience is offered within the College.

You can get in touch with any of the JCR Officers using their email address which can be found on the JCR Directory or in the University Directory.

1Mollie pic.png

mollie dunne
assistant welfare officer

Mollie, along with Hariett, has the role of the Assistant Welfare Officer. She will be involved in providing support and guidance to students from Stevo with weekly office hours and kit kat chit chat allowing students to speak to other students for help and advice. Mollie assists the Welfare Officer in organising welfare campaign weeks to raise awareness of different welfare related topics, overall hoping to create a positive environment throughout the college where Stephenson students feel supported.

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harriet brown
assistant welfare officer

Hariett is one of our Assistant Welfare Officer is to help the Welfare Officer, Lisa! Mollie and Harriet both help to run KitKat ChitChat, hold office hours, and organise welfare weeks and events. They’re here to talk to about any welfare related concerns or struggles you guys may have!

rolake pic.png

rolake akiyande
assistant events officer

The role of the Assistant Events Director is mainly to assist the Events Director with the planning and execution of events for the college. Rolake (in assisting Jeffrey), is responsible for ensuring that all events are inclusive as well as law and legislation abiding (e.g. health and safety regulations met) without compromising the quality of the events. Rolake will also help organise potential event collaborations with others colleges, in order to forge intercollegiate relationships. She will also help planning the major social events, in the calendar (such as: commemoration days, days of acknowledgement etc.)

chaz pic.png

charlotte payne
environment officer

The role of the environments officer is to plan and carry out environmental based initiatives and events within the college in order to spread awareness and increase student involvement. Charlotte (Chaz) aims to propose college based initiatives, alongside bringing Greenspace goals and events to Stephenson on a smaller scale. Chaz may also work in conjunction with other members of the Exec and Non-Exec in order to make general events more environmentally friendly and sustainable. These practices are facilitated through the running of the student JCR Green Committee.

roxy pic.png

roxanne greenwood
livers out officer

The role of Livers Out Officer is to address the concerns that those living away from college may have and to integrate the different years within Stevo. Roxanne will hold regular meetings and a twice-termly letter for everyone to feel connected and up to date with all things related to Stephenson College. She also have the responsibility of offering advice regarding housing and renting in Durham and to further the support in this process she hope to invite estate agents in for talks and exhibitions at college.


rachel worthington
assistant media and promotions officer

The role of Assistant Media and Promotions centres mostly on supporting the Media and Promitions officer in ensuring the effective promotion of the events and opportunities taking place in college. Rachel aims to revamp the blog and get as many people engaged and involved as possible.

kirsty pic.png

kirsty george
rainbow representative

Kisrty is our LGBTQ+ officer who is to provide support for LGBTQ+ students and ensure the college promotes an inclusive atmosphere for all students, regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation. Kirsty will hold fortnightly meetings in which students can discuss ideas regarding how to improve LGBTQ+ welfare within college and the wider university, as well as discussing any other LGBTQ+ related topics that students are interested in. Kirsty will be responsible for hosting social events for the LGBTQ+ society, and promoting links with other colleges in order to promote a large, diverse community that extends beyond the college. Kirsty will have weekly office hours in which any students can come to discuss anything related to gender/sexuality, or LGBTQ+ life in Durham

anna pic.png

anna lowden
charities officer

Anna’s role as Charities Officer is to focus on two main aspects: volunteering within the local community and organise fun and exciting events in order to raise money for selected charities and organisations. This way, we can not only get as many people as possible active and involved within the Stevo community, but also within Durham as a whole. Anna will be holding Charities Comm meetings throughout the year for you to keep updated with what’s going on and how you can get involved.