JCR President’s Letter to
Stevo Freshers 2019

josh profile.png

Dear new Stevo Rangers,

Welcome to the Junior Common Room (JCR) Website. Here you will be able to find all the essential information about student life at the best college in Durham. Stephenson (Stevo) will become your home over the next three or four years and one that we hope you will never forget. The term ‘Junior Common Room’ refers to the undergraduate body of students within college and the team that make up the Exec, Non-Exec and Reps that work to make your experience at Stevo the best possible. All the information you need lies within these pages, from how College is structured to who to contact, from where things are to what to bring.

First, congratulations for not only getting an offer from one of the most prestigious universities in the world, but also making it into this incredible college. Make no mistake, you have been exceptionally lucky to be admitted to our Stevo family and you have clearly worked super hard to receive such an offer. In return, we hope that Stevo will offer you the best years of your life and a unique opportunity to flourish. I cannot emphasise enough how special your experience of university life will be here in Durham. By the end of your first term, you will know first, second, third and fourth years studying almost every degree in a community like no other. Our bar is entirely student run, the majority of students play at least two college sports and all our major music and social events are organised and managed by students. The information in this handbook provides you with all the relevant information for your arrival and everything else you may need for the rest of the year. That said, we hope to have covered everything you need to know but if you find that you have questions that you can’t find answers to, please do not hesitate to contact myself, any other member of the Executive Committee.

There’s also the ‘Stephenson College Freshers 19/20!’ Facebook Group for discovering who will be in your year and to ask any further questions. We understand this whole experience is probably daunting. But, don’t forget: we’re students (only a few years older than yourself!) and we’re here to help and we want to make your transition from school to College utterly seamless. The atmosphere in the car, driving up to Durham for the first time, was tense to say the least, but I look back and wonder why I was so nervous. I felt at home from the very first week, and I hope you will also. We have a full schedule of events lined up for Freshers’ Week, and I hope that you are looking forward to it as much as we are. On behalf of the Executive Committee, the Freshers’ Reps and the JCR, I wish you a great rest of summer and I am looking forward to meeting you all in September!

Yours faithfully,
Josh Crawshaw (Stephenson JCR President)