Team Stevo - Sports

A new, improved stash and sponsorship deal will see Stephenson College’s sports teams looking better than ever in 2019/20 as we aim to take this year’s inter-college sports competitions by storm. Although we have this competitive urge, we do recognise the importance of College sport as part of your University experience and we therefore strive to have more and more students playing College sports, regardless of their ability.

To get involved with College sport you do not have to be a JCR member, however JCR members see benefits such as reduced price subs for the year. Stevo really does provide you with a chance to try something completely new, or even just improve on what you are already good at. Below you will find the current Stephenson College sports teams, captains and their contact details.

However, we’re aware that with a new cohort of students comes a new set of  interests, so we’ve made it quick and easy to start a new sport! To find out more information about starting a new sport or if you have any questions regarding College sports please contact your Sports Officer on


men’s basketball

Captain - Will Guo -

women’s basketball

Captain - Frida Carolina -


Captain - Beth Hudson-Lund -

men’s badminton a

Captain - Guy Parker -

women’s badminton

Captain - Holly Buxton -

mixed badminton b

Captain - Ola Kozlowska -


Captain - Cameron Rose -

men’s football b

Captain - Rory Hay -

men’s hockey

Captain - Luke Gouldstone -


Captain - Victoria Shattock -

Netball B

Captain - Lily Riley -

Pool B

Captain - Leo Thomson -


Captain -

Ultimate frisbee

Captain -


Captain - Lin Deng -

cross country

Captain - Aaron Callaghan -

men’s badminton b

Captain - Brandon Smith -

mixed badminton a

Captain - Helen Cordingley -

mixed badminton c

Captain - Brandon Smith -

men’s football a

Captain - Ollie Theakston -

men’s football c

Captain - Jake Fisher -

women’s hockey

Captain - Melissa Storey -

Netball A

Captain - Lotte O’Hern - charlotte.i.o’

Pool A

Captain - Ollie Reeve -


Captain - Oscar Odgrodnicki -


Captain - Jason Siu -

Women’s football

Captain - Melissa McCrow -