Packing Essentials

These are some tips of what to bring for moving in. Don’t forget that despite being a small city, Durham has plenty of shops for you to pick up anything you’ve forgotten.


Form of identification
Passports (most convenient for international students)/ driver’s license/ other forms of ID with photo

Student loan information

Any information that college or your department has sent you

Laptop and charger

Academic diary/planner


Duvet & Pillow cases
If you bring several sets, you’ll be able to operate a one-on-one-off system and subsequently ease the pressure to do washing.

You will be provided with a mattress, but you will have to bring bedding with you, so make sure to bring your duvet and pillows, plus cases, and a bed sheet!

It can get very chilly at night! Bring an extra blanket with you to make sure that you can stay warm and cozy throughout the nights.

Laundry basket/bag
Make it easy for yourself to keep a tidy room - simply put your clothes that are in need of washing into your basket or bag! And when they build up, cart the bag to the Howlands building and do the washing, easy as that!

Extension leads
It is convenient to have an extension lead in case you run out of wall plugs or to charge your phone/laptop wherever you need to in your room!


Warm clothes and shoes
Durham gets cold in the winter- bring lots of coats and layers. The hills and cobbles of Durham can get very slippery when it rains or snows, so it’s good to bring durable and hard-wearing shoes.

Smart clothes
From the first night and beyond, there will be a many events which encourage you to dress smartly (matriculation, locomotion and formal dinners, Balls, etc). If you can bring suits, dinner jacket, or formal dress that you own, it will come in handy!

Funky clothes and accessories
Fancy dress events are always a good excuse to wear any funky clothes and accessories - we do love a good dress up night!


Speaks for itself we think! You need something to eat and drink out of! few plates, a bowl and a couple of mugs is plenty. However, feel free to bring more!

Tea, Coffee, and Biscuits
Although tea and coffee are provided by the JCR, it’s also a great idea to have some in your room for emergency caffeine hits. Invite others for tea and biscuits as well - it’s an excellent way to make friends!